2015 - 2016
T. Adorno, 1965
Thinking has the moment of universality. A good designed thing will be designed once again for sure at another place and by someone else…
The City-Alphabet art project appeared in the process of rethinking of life-arranging ideas of the Russian avant garde.
A universal matrix is the basis of the project. All figures, things, any objects of the material world are created in the limits of this matrix with the opportunity to create an infinite set of combinations. It is a whole system having mutual connection of all things with all things.
The project is based on the game principle when each player has space for free self-expression and each player acquires the experience of his newly-created realities. "The game adorns the life, fills it and becomes necessary as such. It is necessary for an individual as a biological function due to the sense it contains, due to its meaning, its expressiveness", Johan Huizinga wrote.
64 characters
Material: acrylic, wood