Resonance of forms
All live is periodical, and a rhythm as universal language of communications between people in space and in time, there is a resonance of forms.
The rhythm of a work of art represents a visual and emotional wave.
Identification of a visual rhythm is the most adequate method of transfer of emotion of a form in the image.
The purpose is not some static result, but existence in internal time as process, feeling of movement at rest here, attempt to reach merge of a moment of contemplation of a rhythm in a picture with a moment of disclosure of a rhythm in real life.
oil on canvas, 200х80 cm, 2009
Imprints in the snow
oil on paper, 80x187 cm, 2009
oil on canvas, 150x120 cm, 2009
oil on canvas
oil on canvas, 80x200 cm, 2009
Red line
oil on canvas, 100x100 cm, 2003
Horizontal stripes
oil on canvas, 150x110 cm, 2009
Vertical stripes
oil on canvas, 150x110 cm, 2009
oil on canvas, 75x75 cm, 2009
Triptych "The City"
oil on canvas, 200x225 cm, 2009
Diptych "Solitary"
oil on canvas, 120x145 cm, 2009