Niemeyer's Rio

The graphic series appeared after my meeting with the legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer in his studio in Rio de Janeiro in 2007. With a group of Moscow architects we went up to the top house floor at Copacabana. The windows of the half-empty studio, where in the middle of the spacious room there were chairs against a white shield with a picture by Niemeyer, offered a magnificent view of the ocean. His father's photo portrait hung on one of the walls. There was nothing extra, minimalism in the spirit of Niemeyer. A few minutes later the maitre appeared, dressed in white. He talked about contemporary architecture, problems of youth; about the fact that he has being a convinced communist and that he was still concerned about the female breasts – at 100 years old! Coming out of the workshop one of our architects said that meeting Niemeyer is like meeting Lenin himself.