2004 – 2009
The nucleus of this project is the principle of the game "Tetris" which, as in life, produces innumerable sets of combinations. The figures of Tetris are the name of the god in Sanskrit, a ladder, a labyrinth, a wall, a dark blue square - a tuning fork. All of these are symbols understood universally. As you look at the world it becomes compressed, then it opens up pouring out infinite variety of forms. One can infinitely transform Tetris structure, replacing figures with new squares. Tetris relies on creativity and intuitive reason, sensation, and does not depend on the solid material world. The character of the player determines the style of the game. Combinations of figures of Tetris or separate squares create new vibrations which can resonate which one or another space, creating a world of new forms in a reality of everyday life. As a result, everyone chooses his/her own preferences while learning about him/her herself and the world.
Stair / oil on canvas, 300x200 cm, 2004
Code / oil on canvas, 200x200 cm, 2009
Name of God in Sanskrit / oil on canvas, 100x400 cm, 2004
Labyrinth / oil on canvas, 200x200 cm, 2004
Wall / oil on canvas, 300x200 cm, 2004
Tuning fork / oil on canvas, 200x200 cm, 2004
Cross / oil on canvas, 200x200 cm, 2007